The Egyptian star Farouk Al – Fishawi Passed Away

The Egyptian star Farouk Al – Fishawi Passed Away




According to media reports, Egyptian artist Farouk al-Fishawi died Thursday morning at the age of 67 after he entered a hepatic coma late Wednesday.

The representative trade union, the late artist, said in a statement: “It was a symbol of Egyptian art and will remain. May Allah have mercy on him and his family and patience and patience. ”

The family of the late artist, the funeral of his body after the noon prayer of Mustafa Mahmoud Mosque engineers, while a number of artists on the social networking sites, led by artist Dina Samir Ghanem, and his son Ahmed al-Fishawi.

The case of Farouk al-Fishawi is very critical, according to the musician Hani Muhani on Wednesday, explaining that a team of doctors made a great effort to try to save him.

The artist Farouk al-Fishawi announced his cancer, during the opening of the Alexandria Film Festival, and stressed that he will treat him as a “headache” in reference to the challenge and victory over the disease.

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