Kurdistan Defeates Tamil Eelam 9-0

Kurdistan Defeates Tamil Eelam 9-0


Waar, Duhok:

Kurdistan National Football Team has recorded a 9-0 win against Tamil Eelam in second session games of the first group of Caneva World Cup 2014 finals. With this win, Kurdistan, which is at the elite eight now, will play against Eelam Vanina today.

Kurdistan scored 5 goals in the first half, with more 5 goals in the second half after the coach made substitutions. The goals were scored by Farhan Sahkur (hat trick), Ahmed Salar (two goals), Yunis Shakur , Nechirvan Shukry, Aras Mustafa and Ali Aziz.

All eyes are on today’s match between Kurdistan, the head of the fourth group, and Eelam Vanina.

The coach assistant manager of Kurdistan Team Sleman Ramazan said that this win comes as a result of their previous defeat as their players took the match for granted thinking they would win anyway, which gave the chance to the other team score two goals in the second half. He also said that they rectified their mistakes and they are happy to be at the elite eight.

Concerning today’s match, he said Eelam Vanina is a good team but they are closer to winning the game.

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