Barzani: Kurdish Nation Should gets their Sovereignty

Barzani: Kurdish Nation Should gets their Sovereignty


In a Nawroz message on the eve of the Kurdish New Year on Monday Kurdistan Region President Masoud Barzani said that Nawroz is for the Kurds the symbol of the demise of the enemy and start of a new life.

Barzani said that the month of March which includes Nawroz is the month of happiness for Kurds, but it has also been filled with pain and sorrow historically.

“The month of March has been the month of triumph, joy and also the suffering of the Kurdish people,” he said in a public message. “But it has also been the demise of the enemy and the start of new light and life, proving that sacrifice bears fruit.”

Barzani’s message reads that the Kurds have been fighting and paying heavily to protect their identity and to defeat terrorists, which should fulfil the Kurds’ ultimate goal of independence.

“The Kurds’ endless sacrifice in different stages of history and defense of their identity to defeating the ISIS terrorist must bear fruit and take the Kurds one step forward towards sovereignty and self-determination,” read his message.

“That too would be the best answer to the blood of our martyrs,”

The Kurdish president goes on to say that the culture of tolerance in Kurdistan and the bravery of their Peshmerga is known and praised by the world.

“On this day, I ask the people of Kurdistan to keep faith and know for sure that their resilience will bear fruit,” said Barzani. “I urge them to stand strong in the face of any voice that may aim to take away their confidence.”

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