Austria bans headscarves in primary schools

Austria bans headscarves in primary schools




The Austrian House of Representatives on Wednesday passed a bill submitted by the right-wing coalition, banning headscarves in primary schools.

The session of the General Assembly of the Council witnessed heated debates on the bill, which was passed by the votes of the extreme right-wing Freedom Party and the People’s Party (center-right), despite the vote of the opposition parties, “Social Democratic” and “News” against him.

Opposition MPs said at the session that the law would not help integration and would lead to discrimination.

The opposition’s refusal to vote in favor of the bill passed it as an ordinary law, not a constitutional clause, as the government coalition hoped, allowing the law to be referred to the Constitutional Court for repeal.

NGOs, led by the Islamic Group in Austria, have announced that they will appeal to the Constitutional Court to repeal the law because it contradicts the principle of equality in the constitution.

The new law provides for fines of 440 euros.

The text of the law states that “primary school students up to the age of 10 are prohibited from wearing a head-covering garment and a symbol of religious belief.”

The far-right government claims that the goal of banning headscarves is to contribute to student development and harmony.

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