A single photo captured Trump’s approach to the G7 summit

A single photo captured Trump’s approach to the G7 summit



This is not the first time an image of German Chancellor Angela Merkel literally talking down to an American president has made the rounds online.

Recall back in 2015, almost three years ago to the day, when Merkel, with outstretched arms, stood before President Obama, seated on a bench at that year’s Group of 7 summit.


The picture went viral, but appeared to draw more chatter about looking like a scene from “The Sound of Music” than about actual relations between the two friends.

Fast forward to June 9, the second day of this year’s G-7 summit in Canada, when a photographer captured a striking image of President Trump surrounded by a host of world leaders.

Let’s start with Merkel. With both hands down on the table in front of her, she’s leaning in during what appears to be a tense discussion, staring straight at her American counterpart and cast in a light that presents her as the central figure, the power. Jesco Denzel, an official German government photographer at the summit, did his job here: the image was released by the Germans with a caption that referred to the scene as a “spontaneous meeting between two working sessions.”

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