Why Do People Spend so Much in Weddings?

Why Do People Spend so Much in Weddings?



Primary reason for spending so much in weddings is Showing off to the society. These big fat weddings are the outcome of the societal pressure and expectations. Beneath all the glitter and enjoyment is the endless effort that the families of bride and groom make to please the guests who are to attend the wedding.

Everything is made grand and elaborate. Why?

Reason being—- “log kya kahenge?” (What will people say)

I personally don’t like it but you remain tied to things because you are part of a society. If you yourself want to break free your family will tie you up with a blend of emotional manipulation and expectations.

These big fat weddings are norms. It’s becoming a compulsion to prove the status and act in accordance with social standards. People have tied themselves to the parochial chains, some want to be set free, while others compel them to remain bonded. Weddings are a well organized event that give abundant freedom and opportunities to the people to gossip and complain.

The main reason I would say is because it comes as a tradition. I know for a fact that a lot of girls grow up imagining their perfect wedding.

Think about it, you dream it for a good 10–15 years when the time comes you definitely will do whatever you can to make it feel as perfect as you imagined it.

But, and this is more my personal opinion, I like to think of it by splitting people into 2 broad stereotypes.

First stereotype – Ambitious! Real hard workers trying to achieve financial freedom. By financial freedom I mean not having to worry about money in your life, even if you don’t have a lot of expenses or anything. If you fit in this stereotype you are quick to understand how much time and effort takes to pay up for a big wedding! You start doing the math… “I will have to work one year to pay for this, I could buy a house, I could go around the world, I could invest in that startup idea I had…… “

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