Strongest Animal Bites in the World

Strongest Animal Bites in the World



20. Cougar PSI: 350
House cats (at least my fluffballs) are terrible at biting, but their cousins – cougars, with their powerful jaw, can crush bones and skulls of its prey with ease.



19. Grey Wolf PSI: 406
Although not nearly as strong as Hyenas, wolves can also gnaw on the bones of their lunch with a relative expertise.



18. Domestic Dogs
I’ll just list the top 4 strongest breeds:
Mastiff PSI: 556
Rottweiler PSI: 328
German Shepherd PSI: 238
American Pitbull with PSI: 235



17. Great White Shark PSI: 669
Are you surprised that the Great White Shark is so far down the list? I know I am. But what it lacks in pressure, it makes up for in the size of its jaw and the sharpness of its knife-like teeth.

16. African Lion PSI: 691
The bigger the cat, the stronger its bite, right? Not exactly. Turns out Lions are really bad at biting. I wouldn’t play around with a hungry Lion.



15. Jaguar PSI: 700
Marginally stronger than lions, Jaguars are even more lethal predators than the King of the animals.



14. Brown Bear PSI: 850
As you may already know, brown bears are insanely strong as are their bites.

13. Kodiak Bear PSI: 930
The Kodiak bear is just a more strong version of the brown bear.



12. Siberian Tiger PSI: 950
Here’s another kitty on this list – the Siberian Tiger. Everything about these majestic creatures exudes strength and awe. But wait, we have one more feline to go.



11. Alligator Snapping Turtle PSI: 1004
Snapping Turtle got its name for being able to bite off anything close enough to its toothless mouth, like someone’s finger, for example.



10. Bengal Tiger PSI: 1050
I’m just glad that a big cat landed in the top 10.

9. Hyena PSI: 1100
Hyenas are absolute beasts when it comes to biting. When a pack of these fellas has lunch together, even the bones are being shredded into dust.



8. Polar Bear PSI: 1235
Polar bears have ten times stronger bite than a regular human. Just let that sink in.



7. Grizzly Bear PSI: 1250
Somehow grizzly bears are a tiny bit more powerful than their northern brethren.


6. Bull Shark PSI: 1250
A bite from this shark will hurt like hell!



5. Silverback Gorilla PSI: 1300
I would have never expected a gorilla to be in the top 5. But here we are!



4. Hippopotamus PSI: 1821
Hippos may seem like very cute animals from children’s books, but not only can they open their mouth at a 180-degree angle they also have an enormous ferocious bite force.

3. American Alligator PSI: 2125
Spoiler alert: all top 3 candidates are very similar but oh so different at the same time. And at 2125 PSI we have the American Alligator.



2. Nile Crocodile PSI: 5000
Doubling the American Alligator’s PSI, this killer Crocodile can shut its mouth like it’s no-one’s business, but opening it is the biggest problem.



1. Saltwater Crocodile PSI: 7700
And #1 – the Saltwater Crocodile! Some scientists speculate that their bite force is comparable to that of T. Rex’s. Yikes!

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