Fuad Hussein Says Iraq’s new reality included three de facto states

Fuad Hussein Says Iraq’s new reality included three de facto states


Waar, Duhok:

Kurdistan President’s Chief of Staff Fuad Hussein said Iraq was split into three states, which were the terrorist group of the Islamic State, the second one was a failed Iraqi state and the third one a Kurdish state.

Recently, a Kurdish delegation was in Washington to seek support for the independence of Kurdistan.

During their trip, Fuad Hussein and Falah Mustafa Bakir addressed a Policy Forum at The Washington Institute , moderated by David Pollock.

Mr Hussein said that the post-Mosul events had changed the reality in Iraq, after the Islamic State (IS) captured the city of Mosul. Iraq was different pre-Mosul: there was officially one country and one army. But the post-Mosul events had brought new realities including the existence of an Islamic state that had sophisticated weapons.

He also said that Iraq’s new reality included three de facto states which were an Islamic state, a Kurdish state and a nonfunctional government in Baghdad.

He added that the Kurds wanted to secure their borders and protect the Kurdistani population, which is a multiethnic society including Muslims, Christians, Kurds, Assyrians, Turkmens and Arabs.

Refugees from different Iraqi cities and Syria have fled to Kurdistan. Mr Hussein added that Kurdistan wanted to help these refugees.
The solution for Iraq was to have a federal structure so that Sunnis, Shiites and Kurds could manage their own areas, since there was a lack in leadership in Baghdad, he said.

According to him, IS threats could be repelled by establishing a new government from one side and on the other side, Kurdistan’s economy, armed forces and security protection had to be strengthened.

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