Two delegations from the KRG to visit Baghdad

Two delegations from the KRG to visit Baghdad




Two delegations from Kurdistan Regional Governments are expected to visit Baghdad in the next couple days, budget share, the Peshmerga, and Article 140 of the Iraqi Constitution will be on the agenda of discussion.

“KRG is expected to send two delegations to Baghdad in the next few days, the reason behind the visit is to discuss the stuck issues with Iraqi officials during the meeting,” reported Waar correspondent Bashdar Hussein in Erbil.

Bashdar added that a high-level delegation from Peshmerga Ministry is expected to Visit Baghdad as well, this delegation is expected to discuss the Peshmerga’s rights with the Ministry of Defense.

According to Waar reports, KRG’s spokesman Jotyar Adel will announce the details of the delegation’s visit to Baghdad in a press conference.


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