The letter of the Presidency of the Kurdistan Region in memory of Anfal Badinan

The letter of the Presidency of the Kurdistan Region in memory of Anfal Badinan



President of Kurdistan Region Nechirvan Barzani’s letter in the memory of Badinan Anfal

Today we recall the anniversary of the Badinan Anfal carried out by the Baathist regime against the civilian citizens in the Kurdistan Region in the framework of the infamous Anfal campaign and killed and absent and killed more than 180 thousand Kurdistan citizens, demolished and flattened thousands of Kurdish villages.

Badinan was the end of a campaign of insanities that began on August 25 and lasted until September 6, 1988 and included all areas of Badinan where chemical weapons were used. Authorities with force of five military teams arrested, killed and displaced citizens and demolished mosques, monasteries and residential houses in the area of ​​Badinan. He survived the campaign and went to Iran and Turkey and scattered in the rest of the countries.

As we bow to the memory of the martyrs of Badinan Anfal and all of the martyrs of Kurdistan, we once again call on the Iraqi government to assume its legal and moral responsibility to compensate the victims of Anfal in accordance with the decision of the Iraqi High Crimes Court, which defined the Anfal campaigns as crimes against humanity, genocide and war crimes.

We also direct the Kurdistan Regional Government to provide better services to the victims of Anfal and follow up the fate of the missing and make it a priority of its tasks.

Greetings and peace to the pure spirits of the martyrs of and all Badinan and all martyrs of Kurdistan

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