Salih elected head of Coalition for Democracy and Justice (CDJ)

Salih elected head of Coalition for Democracy and Justice (CDJ)



Former KRG Prime Minister Barham Salih was elected head of the newly-founded Coalition for Democracy and Justice (CDJ) at the party’s first congress in Sulaimani on Wednesday where he pledged to fight corruption.

“The severe crisis that our nation is going through is the result of work planned by some self-serving bodies who – despite their huge failures, unfitness for governance, lacking people’s confidence – still keep imposing [their] political power,” Salih said in his first address as head of the new party.

Mistaken policies, misreading local and foreign realities, failure to care for the public interest, and holding hands “with the enemies of the nation,” brought Kurdistan to “an unwanted condition,” he explained, introducing his party as a new political, democratic organization.

“Hawpaimani [CDJ] is the form of a new and different endeavor to bring real change and reform,” he pledged.

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