PYD detains number of KNC members

PYD detains number of KNC members

Waar, Duhok:

The Kurdish National Council (KNC) in Syria said a number of its members have been detained by Democratic Union Party (PYD) in Amude town.

PYD forces arrested eight members of the Yekiti party and raided a Yekiti-affiliated radio station Thursday. Yekiti party is a constituent party of the KNC.

The KNCO said in a statement the PYD was trying  “to ban any dissenting opinion” within Northern Syria – Rojava.

The PYD also raided Amude FM, detaining four staff members.

According to the KNC, the Amûdê personnel were “released a few hours later, but the Asayish [confiscated] the radio’s technical equipment, locked the station and prohibited the continuation of its broadcast.”

“Since mid-August 2016, activists and politicians of KNC member parties […] are abducted on a nearly daily basis. Dozens languish in PYD prisons with no prospect of fair proceedings. Their only wrongdoing is their commitment to democracy and pluralism,” the KNC said in a statement.

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