President Massoud Barzani congratulates security forces

President Massoud Barzani congratulates security forces




On the occasion of the arrest of the terrorist attack in the province of Kurdistan on July 17, 2019, in the city of Holler and one of his aides, President Massoud Barzani sent a message in which he thanked the security forces and the fight against terrorism and the people of the region for their permanent cooperation with the security services .

The text of the message:

“After the terrorist attack carried out on Wednesday, July 17, 2019 in a restaurant in Holier, which killed a Turkish diplomat and civilian citizens of Kurdistan, the security forces and anti-terrorism forces in Kurdistan arrested the main executor of the crime and one of his aides.

We warmly congratulate the security forces and the anti-terrorism forces and all the Kurdish security services, so that they can arrest the accused very quickly and to prove them as they always have confidence and pride.

We also congratulate the dear citizens who helped and supported the security services during this period.

Once again, citizens and security services proved impossible to turn Kurdistan into a base for terrorism and the impossibility of the disappearance of any accused from the eyes of the loyal people in Kurdistan and the hawks of the Kurdish security services.

And here we call on all parties not to bring their problems into Kurdistan, and not to become a reason to harm the people of Kurdistan.

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