In Pictures: Yezidis New Year Ceremony (Red Wednesday)

In Pictures: Yezidis New Year Ceremony (Red Wednesday)


Thousands of Kurdish Yezidis on April 18th gathered in Lalish temple to celebrate the Yezidi New Year known as Charshamaba Sor “Red Wednesday”.

A large number of Yezidis who live abroad returned to Kurdistan Region to take part in the ceremony alongside others from the religious community. They have been conducting religious ceremonies for the past few days in the temple.

The Yezidis claim to have one of the oldest religions in the world and their evidence for this is their calendar. In April 2017, the Yezidi calendar is in the year 6767. This renders the Yezidi Calendar older than any other religious calendars such as the Christian or Gregorian calendar, the Jewish Calendar, and the Islamic Calendar.

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