‘Peshmerga will not enter Mosul’

‘Peshmerga will not enter Mosul’

Waar, Duhok:

Kurdish Peshmerga forces will not enter the northern Iraqi city of Mosul if allied forces battling Islamic State recapture the city, foreign minister of Iraqi Kurdistan Falah Mustafa said.

Baghdad is concerned that the Peshmerga might seize new territory in the fight of Mosul, especially after the Kurds seized many areas in the north after recapturing them from IS saying they would not give them to Baghdad back.

The US-led coalition, Baghdad and Erbil are still hammering out the details of what will happen if they win the battle for the city, taking into account that alongside the army, Kurds and Shia militias are also participating in the fight.

“The military part is much easier than the political part,” Bakir said, acknowledging the possibility of tension between the various factions.

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