Pentagon decides to freeze its own plans in Iraq

Pentagon decides to freeze its own plans in Iraq



The Washington Times reported that the Pentagon has frozen the Pentagon’s plans for Iraq despite the talk of a partnership between the United States and NATO to train and advise Iraqi forces in order not to allow the return of a ” As it drew attention to the existence of a backlash in the United States and Western countries by the leader of the Sadrist movement Moqtada al-Sadr in the recent Iraqi elections.

According to the newspaper, quoting US officials, “the plan that was put on Iraq, a long-term as is the case in Afghanistan, was frozen at the present time, despite the growing commitment by NATO there, .which could be a big step “He said NATO Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said at a press conference following a meeting of NATO defense ministers that the exact number of troops to be assigned by NATO or partner countries on .the Iraq mission would be determined at the NATO annual summit scheduled for next month.

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