Mass grave of 80 Yezidis found in northern Iraqi province

Mass grave of 80 Yezidis found in northern Iraqi province

Waar, Duhok:

The Iraqi Ministry of Human Rights announced Monday the discovery of a mass grave of 80 Yezidis in a village west of Nineveh province in northern Iraq.

“(The mass grave) contained the remains of 80 Yezidi citizens of different ages,” the ministry said in a statement.

Islamic State took control of Nineveh province and other areas in the north and west of the country when it led a sweeping attack last summer.

In the subsequent months, the group expanded into areas inhabited by the minority Yezidis around Shingal to the west of Nineveh.

According to reports, massacres were committed by extremists against the region’s occupants, who IS consider “infidels and devil worshippers.”

The reports also said extremists kidnapped hundreds of Yezidi girls and women and took them as slaves.

Over the course of the last few months, regional forces in northern Iraq discovered a number of mass graves containing the remains of Yezidis who died at the hands of IS.

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