Kurdistan airports to be open on 15 March

Kurdistan airports to be open on 15 March



The Iraqi Federal Government, in an official statement issued on Tuesday, declared the international flight ban in the Kurdistan Region lifted, which will allow flights to resume from both Erbil and Sulaimani airports.

The statement, released by the office of Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi, said that a decree had been signed after Kurdish officials had agreed, “to restore the federal authority of the two airports” in the Kurdistan region to the “command and control of the Federal Ministry of Interior.”

It added that immigration procedures at the airports, “will be linked to the main system in Baghdad, as is the case in other Iraqi ports.”

If implemented, this would mean that all passengers traveling through airports in the Kurdistan Region will now face the same immigration procedures of the Iraqi Ministry of Interior as those landing in Iraqi airports outside the Kurdistan Region.

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