Kurdish diaspora to vote electronically in the September independence referendum

Kurdish diaspora to vote electronically in the September independence referendum


The Kurds living abroad will be allowed to vote in the September independence referendum of Kurdistan through an electronic poll set by the Kurdistan Independent High Electoral Commission (KIHEC).

Karwan Jalal, head of KIHEC’s data department, told press that every eligible individual will be required to register online before the referendum day, and they would have the chance to vote on 25th September.

Following a multilateral meeting between the Kurdish political parties in June, Kurdistan Region President Masoud Barzani announced September 25th as the day for holding the independence referendum and later ordered the KIHEC to prepare the ground for the plan.

However, Jalal said, the technical part of the plan is not finalised yet and the electoral commission is still working on it. “The opening date for registration and regulations will be announced once the commission concludes the talks on the issue,” he added.

An accurate number of eligible voters among the Kurdish diaspora is not yet known by the authorities, but the registration system would also help the Kurdistan Region understand how many people will have their voice from overseas.

Concerning the vote counting process, Jalal said that the local and international observers will monitor the counting and the voters’ identities will not be revealed to anyone, regardless of manual or electronic voting systems.

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