IS control 90% of Baiji refinery

IS control 90% of Baiji refinery

Waar, Duhok:

Islamic State (IS) militants have taken control of 90 percent of Baiji oil refinery as clashes with Iraqi security forces around the refinery continue, according to Salahudin province.

A police officer in Salahaddin province, where Baiji is located, said that IS controlled most of the facility and that nearly 150 Iraqi soldiers and soldiers were surrounded by the militants inside.

On Saturday, an Iraqi officer speaking from inside the facility who didn’t want to be named, said that government troops were running low on food, water and ammunition, according to McClatchydc.

Meanwhile, another officer declared that 150 Iraqi troops were besieged by IS militants who continued their offensive on the refinery.

Baijiy oil refinery is considered the biggest in Iraq and it is located in Salahudin province, 170 km from capital Baghdad.

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