Iraq recognizes KRG’s autonomous status in 2018 budget

Iraq recognizes KRG’s autonomous status in 2018 budget



The Kurdistan Region is recognised by the Iraqi government in the draft budgets for 2018, said Saad al-Hadithi, the spokesperson for the Iraqi government.

The official said in a statement on Sunday that Baghdad is committed to the borders of Kurdistan Region, and that the Kurdish provinces were not referenced in the draft budget instead of the Kurdistan Region.

Earlier this month, Erbil had expressed concern over the attempts in Baghdad to neglect the constitutional right of the Kurdistan Region to be seen as an autonomous region.

Hadithi ensured that the Iraqi government will not be dealing with the Kurdistan Region as separate and individual provinces, but as apolitical entity.

Referring to article 143 of the Iraqi constitution, Hadithi said that the provinces of Erbil, Sulaymaniyah and Duhok are recognised as components of an independent region with its borders already determined.

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