Health Benefits & Nutrition Of Peach

Health Benefits & Nutrition Of Peach



Peaches are juicy and versatile summer fruits that are native to China and South Asia.  Their Latin name is Prunus persica and peaches are a product of deciduous trees that grow in temperate regions of the world. Peaches belong to the family of Rosaceae, which includes fruits like plums and cherries.

Unlike nectarines, which have a smooth outer surface, peaches have fuzzy, velvety skin. They have a delicate aroma and a juicy, yellowish pulp. Peaches are drupes or stone fruits because their outer fleshy part surrounds a shell, which encloses an edible seed.

Based on the grip of the flesh being free or rigid on the seed, peaches are classified in the clinging-stone variety where the pulp clings tightly to the pit, a semi-freestone in which the flesh separates out with little effort, and a free-stone variety in which the pulp separates easily from the pit. 



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