France: G7 to do best to ensure security

France: G7 to do best to ensure security



Meeting in France, leaders of the G7 countries will discuss the world’s most pressing issues and do their utmost to ensure security and fight inequality, the French president said on Saturday.

“#G7Biarritz has begun. We may not accomplish everything we’ve set out to, but we’ll do our best to be effective to ensure your security, create more jobs and fight the inequality you are suffering,” Emmanuel Macron wrote from the town of Biarritz, on Twitter.

Macron’s remarks came at the beginning of the G7 summit, bringing together the leaders of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the U.K., and U.S.

At this year’s summit, the leaders will focus on tackling inequality, and are also expected to address economic, environmental, and foreign policy issues.

As the G7 nations are expected “to be able to ensure stability and security, to protect peace in the world,” they will discuss major global conflicts such as Iran, Syria, Libya, Ukraine, and others, Macron said in a speech posted on Twitter.

Countries sometimes have disagreements on these issues, he said.

“If tomorrow Iran adopts nuclear weapons, we will be directly concerned. If the Middle East flares up, we will be affected,” he added.

Speaking after a week of high drama with migrant ships desperately seeking port, Macron also said that the world would continue to suffer from the “immigration scandal” across the Mediterranean as long as the situation in Libya remains unresolved.

Holding the G7 presidency until the end of 2019, France revamped the format of the summit by inviting partner countries to take part, including Australia, Chile, India and South Africa.

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