Egypt To Hold Constitutional Referendum on Saturday

Egypt To Hold Constitutional Referendum on Saturday




Egypt on Saturday will hold a referendum on a proposed constitutional change that would — if approved — allow President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi to remain in power for 11 more years.

At a Wednesday news conference, Lashin Ibrahim, head of Egypt’s State Information Service (SIS), said the poll would be conducted over a three-day period, starting Saturday.

On Friday, expatriates will be allowed to cast ballots at Egyptian embassies abroad, Ibrahim said.

Earlier this week, Egypt’s parliament approved a proposed constitutional amendment extending the duration of presidential terms from four to six years.

It will also allow al-Sisi to eventually run for a third term in office.

Egypt’s current constitution, ratified in 2014, allows the president to hold office for a maximum of two four-year terms.

The constitutional change, however, means al-Sisi’s second term in office — which he secured in elections last year — will end in 2024, after which he will be allowed to run for a third six-year term ending in 2030.

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