E-cigarettes are as bad as smoking

E-cigarettes are as bad as smoking



Insurance companies consider vaping to be just as unhealthy as smoking and put up policies accordingly, research has found.

Users of electronic cigarettes have to pay up to 65 per cent more for life insurance premiums than non-smokers – the same increase that traditional smokers face.

The cost is equivalent to £26 extra per month on average for decreasing term insurance with critical illness cover, according to the survey by price comparison website MoneySuperMarket.

Kevin Pratt, consumer affairs expert at the website, said: ‘Using nicotine in any form, including patches and gum, means you’ll be regarded as a smoker – you have to be nicotine-free for 12 months to get the lower premiums.

‘If you already have life cover and successfully give up smoking, it’s worth telling your insurer to see if they will adjust your premiums accordingly. Alternatively, you could run a fresh quote as a non-smoker to see what prices are available.’

Mr Pratt said no distinction is made between smoking and e-cigarette use because scientific studies about the health impact of e-cigarettes have been inconclusive so far.

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