Clearing Mosul of IS not enough to eliminate it-Masrour Barzani

Clearing Mosul of IS not enough to eliminate it-Masrour Barzani

Waar, Duhok:

The end of Islamic State terrorist group in the city of Mosul will not be enough to eliminate the militant group, Masrour Barzani, head of the Kurdistan Regional Government’s Security Council, said.

“The fight against ISIS is going to be a long fight,” Barzani told Reuters in an interview. “Not only militarily but also economically, ideologically,” Masrour  Barzani told Reuters in an interview.

Iraqi forces are expected to face much fiercer resistance from IS in the next phase of the battle of Mosul, including booby traps that can blow up entire neighborhoods, he said.

“As they are getting more desperate, expectations are that they might fight more fiercely as you close in,” said Barzani.

So far in the three-week operation, Islamic State has deployed drones strapped with explosives, long-range shells filled with chlorine and mustard gas and effective snipers, he said.

He also cautioned that western Mosul will be a more complex campaign.

“There are many different IEDs (improvised explosive devices) that they put in different places, come up with different tactics. Many that are used like networks,” Barzani said.

“So in one house they are putting one IED and trying to hide it. And once it explodes then the entire neighborhood explodes.”

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