Al-Sadr gives Abdul-Mahdi 10 days to form a “full government”

Al-Sadr gives Abdul-Mahdi 10 days to form a “full government”




The leader of the Sadrist movement in Iraq, Moqtada al-Sadr, called on the political blocs Monday to pressure the prime minister to form a full government within ten days, warning that his supporters will take a new position unless they do so.

Sadr, who is leading a large parliamentary bloc, has rallied supporters to stage mass protests against former governments and suggested it could happen against the current government of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi.

“My words to all political blocs are to authorize the prime minister to complete the cabinet within ten days,” Sadr said in a letter issued by his office.

Sadr’s “Sadoun” bloc came first in the May 2018 general election. He called for independent candidates to fill several key cabinet posts, which remain vacant due to disagreement between the powerful parties.

Abdul Mahdi began his term in October, but did not choose to hold the posts of interior and defense.

Sadr, who presents himself as opposed to the intervention of the United States and Iran, Iraq’s main allies, made a surprise victory in the May elections by pledging to combat corruption and improve services.


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