Afrin.. YPG kills 5 opposition’s fighters

Afrin.. YPG kills 5 opposition’s fighters



Wrath of Olives Operation Room issued a written statement and announced the outcome of two separate actions by their fighters. The statement said 5 invader gang members were killed in the actions.

The written statement by the Wrath of Olives Operation Room is as follows:

“In the first action our forces carried out on July 9, the Faylaq Al Sham member Ibrahim Ebdullrezaqi was targeted. The gang member was in motion on a motorcycle when he was punished by our forces for his torture and attacks against the people of Afrin, following a pursuit.

The second action of our fighters was carried out on July 10 against a military vehicle with 4 Faylaq Al Sham gang members inside. Gang members named Hisên Îbrahîm Mustefa, Mihemed El-Kermo,  Eymen El-Xalid and Xezwan El-Hisên have been killed in the targeted vehicle.

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