A Snake force a parliament to cancel its meeting

A Snake force a parliament to cancel its meeting




In an incident that many may not believe in the current era, but it is a real accident, and occurred in an African country, where a snake infiltrated into the Ntigerian parliament, causing panic and fear among deputies, and prompt them to escape and leave the place indefinitely!

According to media outlets, the sessions of the Nigerian parliament have been suspended for an indefinite period after a snake infiltrated into the parliament chamber between deputies.
“When we wanted to get into a public meeting, a large snake entered the hall, which caused our meeting to be disrupted and forced to leave,” said Oulogenga Omuli, a spokesman for a group of Undo state deputies.

He added that the snake fell from the ceiling to the public hall, and did not bite anyone, as held by the staff of parliament and killed her.
Oumoli pointed out that this room is no longer safe for legislative work, so we decided to raise the sessions and will enter the parliament on leave for an indefinite period, he said.

He also explained that the deputies will not return until the completion of spraying the site with the necessary chemicals.

This is the first time that the snake has entered the courtroom in parliament, despite complaints of the spread of rodents and reptiles in the forested areas around the Parliament site.

Omoli did not mention the type of snake that caused unrest inside the parliament on Thursday, where Nigeria has large numbers of snakes including many poisonous species.

A 2001 study, published by the African Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences, found that nearly 500 out of 100,000 people are exposed to snake bites in Nigeria each year, and one out of every eight cases is fatal.


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