9 Celebrities Who Should Run for President

9 Celebrities Who Should Run for President



1. Tom Hanks
Wouldn’t it be fun to have the dude from “BIG” and “Forest Gump” as the President? I guess, the world leaders would at least respect him.



2. Ellen DeGeneres
Lately the American government feel like it would benefit from a woman’s touch, and Ellen here can do that and even more!


3. Bill Nye
What better candidate than a scientist? And a celebrity scientist at that. Kids love him, women want him, men want to be him.

4. Leonardo DiCaprio
Leo may have finally gotten his long-awaited Oscar, but what’s a petty old statuette in comparison to becoming the world’s most powerful person? Do it, Leo!



5. Robert Downey Jr.
We already know all the ins and outs of RDJ’s past, his battle with drug addiction, and alcohol, so there’s no new “dirt” on him. He’s basically going to be like a saint among the sea of sinners.


6. Dwayne Johnson
Do you even need a reason? It’s the Rock. He’ll get s$#t done while putting smile on our faces. Plus, if anyone tries to assault him, oh boy, they’d be in for a world of pain!


7. Angelina Jolie
There are a handful of people as iconic as Jolie. She’s basically like a loving mother who can also kick arse if someone messes with her children. Yes, and yes!



8. Morgan Freeman
Who wouldn’t want to have the voice of God himself as their country leader? Mr. Freeman is a no-brainer!


9. Oprah Winfrey
And of course we could not but include Oprah in our list.

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