6 Foods To Protect Your Skin in Summer

6 Foods To Protect Your Skin in Summer




6 foods play a crucial role in protecting the skin from summer sun damage, and keeps these ultra-sensitive tissues from burning rays during the hot season.

Specialists stressed that diet plays an important role in protecting people from UV damage, which affects skin, especially in the summer, where direct exposure to the sun is frequent throughout the day.

In a study led by Dr. Joseph Takahashi, head of neuroscience at the University of Texas Institute of Technology, he discovered that the enzyme that repairs damaged skin from ultraviolet light has a daily production cycle that can be changed by eating certain foods daily.

“It is likely that if you have a schedule to eat foods that protect against harmful sunlight, you will be better protected from the damage of these rays during daylight hours.”

The Health Line, a scientific journal, published six natural foods that protect the skin from UV rays and keep the skin hydrated during the summer:

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