Kurdistan Parliament grants confidence to Masrour Barzani with 88 votes

Kurdistan Parliament grants confidence to Masrour Barzani with 88 votes




The Kurdistan Regional Parliament (KRG) voted in a meeting on Wednesday to give confidence to the prime minister in charge of the ninth formation of the Kurdistan Regional Government.

A source said 88 members had voted to give Barzani confidence.

The new government of the Kurdistan Region, headed by Masrour Barzani, the son of the leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party Massoud Barzani of 23 ministers.

The proposed list of the candidates for the new KRG cabinet was as the following:

Masrour Barzani (KDP) – Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG)
Qubad Talabani (PUK) – Deputy Prime Minister of the KRG
Farsat Ahmed Abdullah (KDP) – Minister of Justice
Shorsh Ismael Abdullah (Gorran) – Minister of Peshmerga
Rebar Ahmed Khalid (KDP) – Minister of Interior
Awat Janab Nouri Salih (Gorran) – Minister of Finance and Economy
Saman Hussein Mohammed Barzinji (KDP) – Minister of Health
Alan Hama-Saeed Salih Mohammed (KDP) – Minister of Education
Dana Abdulkarim Hama Salih Abdulrahman (Gorran) – Minister of Housing and Reconstruction
Sasan Osman Awni Habib (KDP) – Minister of Municipalities and Tourism
Aram Mohammed Qadir Amin (PUK) – Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research
Dara Rashid Mahmoud (PUK) – Minister of Planning
Kwestan Mohammed Abdullah Marouf (Gorran) – Minister of Labour and Social Affairs
Mohammed Saeed Ali (PUK) – Minister of Culture and Youth
Abdullah Mahmoud San Ahmed (KSDP) – Minister of Martyrs and Anfal
Begard Dilshad Shukrllah (PUK) – Minister of Agriculture and Natural Resources
Kamal Muslim Saeed Qarani (Gorran) – Minister of Trade and Industries
Ano Jawhar Abdulmasih Abdoka (Christian minority) – Minister of Transport and Communications
Pishtiwan Sadiq Abdullah (KDP) – Minister of Endowment and Religious Affairs
Kamal Mohammed Salih Khalil (KDP) – Minister of Electricity
Khalid Salam Saeed [Khalid Shwani] (PUK) – Region Minister
Aydin Marouf Salim (Turkmen minority) – Region Minister
Vala Fareed Ibrahim (KDP) – Region Minister

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